Water is life and it is one of the most widely consumed liquids in the world. It is one of most essential elements for healthy living but water can be good only if it is pure. Since, there is an increasing scarcity of pure water; people have opted for water purifier. Water purifier cleans the water and removes all the impurities and pathogens. But what if the water purifier system fails to clean and you do not come to know about it? Therefore, the maintenance and timely checking of the purifier system is must.

Here are some tips that can be helpful in the up-keeping of water purifier in India:

For Activated Carbon Filter:
Water filter pitchers, dispensers and faucets should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent mold formation.
Back-washing is an essential way of cleaning the particles which get fixed in the pores of the filter. During back-washing, a jet of water is forced from the opposite direction which applies force on the debris to come out. The filter should be changed as early as possible after the indication that the filter is shattered. Else, it may result in the contamination and the growth of bacteria which imparts bad taste and odour to the water.

For Distillers:
Boiler container should be emptied and washed per week. This avoids scale and residue build-up.
Vinegar solution is also helpful for removing scale. Activated carbon filter should be replaced when required. Removal of mineral residues by gas vent holes is suggested. It can be done with dish soap and water.

For Reverse Osmosis (Ro):
There are certain rules and precautions given by the manufacturers. Always follow them
Replace the membrane when the purifier indicates that the membrane has been exhausted.
Carbon filters meant to remove the chlorine and other chemicals also need to be replaced with the filter. Water pressure needs to be maintained.

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